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Last Updated : Apr 13, 2023

Calculator to find degree of a polynomial online is provided here for free of charge. Just enter the polynomial expression in the input field and get the output with steps from the factorpolynomials.com Degree of a Polynomial Calculator.



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Determine the Degree of a Polynomial:

What is Meant by Degree of Polynomial?

The degree of a polynomial is the greatest exponential power connected with the polynomial variable. Also, it is known as the order of the polynomial. Sometime, degree is noted as 'deg'.

For example, let's take the trinomial x^2+x+2. Here variable x has the highest exponent x^2 that is 2, hence the polynomial degree is 2.

Some more examples to find the degree of polynomial is as follows:

  • 3y^2+2xy^3+1
  • 6x^4+3y^3+2z^2+1

How to Find Polynomial Degree? (Simple Steps)

In order to calculate the polynomial degree, the steps provided here are to be followed carefully:

  1. First, we need to check the variables and coefficients should be ignored.
  2. Next, we should find the greatest exponent in the given expression of polynomial.
  3. To do this, write down the each term of the polynomial expression and their degrees values.
  4. Finally, you can pick the exact highest degree value and it is called degree of the polynomial.

Explore the factorpolynomials.com and easily find the polynomial degree with the help of our online degree of a polynomial calculator. Here, we have explained the concept of degree of polynomial with solved example. So, please check it out & practice well.

Example: Find the polynomial degree for the expression: x^4+x^3+2x^2+5


Given expression is x^4+x^3+2x^2+5

The degree of polynomial is the highest degree values in the given expression. So, let's find out the degree of each term in the expression.

The degree of x^4 is 4

The degree of x^3 is 3

The degree of 2x^2 is 2

The degree of 5 is 0

Hence, the highest exponential value is polynomial degree. So, 4 is the degree of a polynomial x^4+x^3+2x^2+5.

You can easily find out the degree value of any polynomials on our Degree of a Polynomial Calculator by just entering the input expression and click on the calculate button. If you are searching for other polynomial or algebra concepts calculators then here is our website link @ factorpolynomials.com visit & explore more maths concepts.

FAQs on Degree of a Polynomial Calculator

1. How do you determine the degree of a polynomial for two variables?

Add up the exponents of each term and select the highest sum of the variable to get the degree of a polynomial for two variables.

2. What is the 5 degree of a polynomial?

The 5 degree of a polynomial is called Quintic.

3. How do you find the degree of a polynomial with online calculator tool?

By using the degree of a polynomial online calculator, we can easily find the degree of a polynomial. Just provide the expression in the input field and you are away of one click to calculate the polynomial degree of the given expression.

4. What is the degree of 12 polynomial?

Here 12 is not a polynomial expression. So, the degree of 12 polynomial is Zero.