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Last Updated : Apr 19, 2023

Free Subtracting Polynomials Calculator tool will evaluate the subtraction of two polynomials in a short span of time. It takes polynomials in the specified input section and gives the exact answer i.e polynomials subtraction with step by step explanation easily.



Calculate Subtraction of Polynomials:

What is Meant by Subtracting Polynomials?

A polynomial is described as a mathematical expression that has at least two or more algebraic terms. The meaning of polynomial is "poly" means many, "nomial" means terms. The elements of a polynomial are constants, variables and exponents.

Subtraction of Polynomials is similar to the addition of polynomials. Here, we have to deal with the "-" arithmetic operand. The two different methods to subtract polynomials by horizontally or bu vertically. If you are choosing a vertical method it is mandatory to change the sign of the second polynomial to the opposite sign.

Steps to Calculate Subtraction of Polynomials

Have a look at the easy steps to find subtraction of polynomials. Follow these rules to obtain the answer quickly.

  • Let us take any two polynomials for subtraction operation.
  • Eliminate braces in both polynomials.
  • Group the similar terms i.e terms having same power value or constants together.
  • Then, subtract one value from another.
  • Write the remaining polynomial either in ascending order or descending order of their degree.

Subtracting Polynomials with Example


Question: Subtract (4y³ - y² + y - 5) - (y³ + y² - 3y - 3)


Given expression is (4y³ - y² + y - 5) - (y³ + y² - 3y - 3)

Remove braces

(4y³ - y² + y - 5) - (y³ + y² - 3y - 3) = 4y³ - y² + y - 5 - y³ - y² + 3y + 3

Group the like terms together

= 4y³ - y³ - y² - y² + y + 3y - 5 + 3

= 3y³ - 2y² + 4y - 2

Therefore, (4y³ - y² + y - 5) - (y³ + y² - 3y - 3) = 3y³ - 2y² + 4y - 2

FAQs on Subtracting Polynomials Calculator

1. How to subtract polynomials?

The simple steps to find the subtraction of two polynomials is given here. First of all, remove the braces and group the similar terms together. Now, subtract the coefficients of similar terms to get the answer

2. How are adding and subtracting polynomials different?

In polynomials addition, the like terms of both polynomials are added together while in subtraction of polynomials, the like terms are subtracted. The important rule of the primary algebra concept says that the sign after addition or subtraction will ever be of the variable holding more value.

3. Subtract polynomials (x² + 2x - 1) - (2x² - 3x + 6).

Remove the brackets of the expression = x² + 2x - 1 - 2x² + 3x - 6 Group the similar terms = x² - 2x² + 2x + 3x - 1 - 6 = -x² + 5x - 7

4. How do you subtract polynomials using a calculator?

For subtracting two polynomials using a calculator, you need to enter the expression as input field and press the calculate button to avail the exact result within no time.