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Last Updated : Apr 13, 2023

Figuring out the degree of a polynomial is quite easy when you learn the right way to solve the question. In this article, we will be giving the detailed steps involved in Degree of a Polynomial Calculator x^2+6xy+9y^2. Along with the detailed solution, you can also check out the FAQ section for more information.

Ex: x^5+x^5+1+x^5+x^3+x (or) x^5+3x^5+1+x^6+x^3+x (or) x^3+x^5+1+x^3+x^3+x

Use '^' symbol to represent Power Sign

Determine Degree the of a Polynomial:

Detailed Solution to Find Degree of a Polynomial x^2+6xy+9y^2

Given polynomial is x^2+6xy+9y^2

In any polynomial, you will have exponents, where variables may be raised to the power of a different number. In this case, we can rearrange the polynomial so that the powers are in descending order.

First, we have to find the degree of each part of the polynomial.

  • The degree of 9 y^2 is 2
  • The degree of x^2 is 2
  • The degree of 6 x y is 1, 1

Even though there are different degrees, we have to determine the greatest degree as the degree of expression. In this case, the highest degree is 2 .

Therefore, the degree of a polynomial x^2+6xy+9y^2 is equal to 2.

FAQs on Finding Degree of a Polynomial x^2+6xy+9y^2

1. What is the degree of a polynomial x^2+6xy+9y^2?

The degree of polynomial x^2+6xy+9y^2 is 2.

2. How to find the degree of polynomial x^2+6xy+9y^2 ?

First, find the individual degrees, which are [2, 2, 2]. Then, compare them and pick the highest degree, which is 2. So, 2 is the overall degree for the polynomial.

3. What is the degree of x^2 ?

The degree of x^2 is 2.