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Last Updated : Apr 17, 2023

Factoring Binomials as Sum or difference of cubes Calculator tool is helpful to find the factors of a^3+27 with the sum or difference of cubes process. Get the manual process for Finding Factoring of a^3+27 Using Sum or Difference of Cubes here.

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Factor Binomial as sum or diff of cube

Solution for Factoring Binomials as Sum or Difference of Cubes x^3-y^3

The given expression is x^3-y^3

By separating each expression we get


If we multiply the below expression:


=a (a^2 + a b + b^2) - b (a^2 + a b + b^2)

=a a^2+a^2 (- b)+a a b+a (- b) b+a b^2- b b^2

=a^3 - b^3

So we got the formula of a3-b3=(a-b)(a2+ab+b2)

The given Polynomial is x^3-y^3

By applying a3-b3=(a-b)(a2+ab+b2)


After getting indivisual factoring we can cancelout similar terms and The final result will be (x - y) (x^2 + x y + y^2)

FAQs on Factoring x^3-y^3 with Sum or Difference of Cubes

1. What are the factors for a x^3-y^3 using the sum or difference of cubes?

The factor for x^3-y^3 is (x - y) (x^2 + x y + y^2)

2. How can I use the sum or difference of cubes method to factorize the given equation?

You can first find the factors of the given equation x^3-y^3, then by performing simple mathematical calculations you can get the desired factors.