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Free Multiplying Polynomials Calculator produces the product of two polynomials easily and quickly. The only thing you have to do is give the details of polynomials in the input fields of the calculator and press the calculate button. It will automatically give the multiplication of given polynomials value as output.


Calculate Multiplication of Polynomials:

What is Multiplication Polynomials?

Multiplying polynomials is a method that is used to get the product of two or more polynomials effortlessly. To multiply polynomials, take the first polynomial terms and split them over the second polynomial.

How to Multiply Polynomials?

To obtain the multiplication of polynomials, follow the below-provided simple rules and instructions.

To multiply two polynomials, just follow the simple steps given below and find the product expansion easily.

  • Get any two polynomials to perform multiplication operation.
  • Multiply each term in one polynomial by each term in another polynomial.
  • Add the like terms together and simplify them
  • The final polynomial is the answer.

If you are performing polynomial products or expansion of terms manually then these simple steps will help you a lot. If you wanna check whether the result is correct or wrong then go with our Multiplying Polynomials Calculator and give the input to attain the accurate output in just a fraction of seconds.

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Multiplying Polynomials with Example


Question: Find the product of 12 + 5x and x³ + 2x² + xy + 1


Given polynomials are 12 + 5x and x³ + 2x² + xy + 1

(12 + 5x)(x³ + 2x² + xy + 1) = 12(x³ + 2x² + xy + 1) + 5x(x³ + 2x² + xy + 1)

= 12x³ + 24x² + 12xy + 12 + 5x⁴ + 10x³ + 5x²y + 5x

= 5x⁴ + 22x³ + 24x² + 5x²y + 12xy + 5x + 12

Therefore, (12 + 5x)(x³ + 2x² + xy + 1) = 5x⁴ + 22x³ + 24x² + 5x²y + 12xy + 5x + 12

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FAQs on Multiplying Polynomials Calculator

1. How do you multiply polynomials on a calculator?

To multiply polynomials using a calculator follow these steps. You have to enter two polynomials in the input fields and tap on the calculate button. The exact product of polynomials with an explanation will get displayed on the screen.

2. What is the multiplication of polynomials?

Multiplication is one of the arithmetic operations in algebra. Multiplying a thing with another means the repeated addition. In the same way polynomials, multiplication is defined as its product. So, the multiplication of two or more polynomials will be one polynomial.

3. Solve (3x² + 2x + 1)(5x + 4)

Given expression is (3x² + 2x + 1)(5x + 4) Multiply each term of the first polynomial with every term of the second polynomial. (3x² + 2x + 1)(5x + 4) = 3x²(5x + 4) + 2x(5x + 4) + 1(5x + 4) = 15x³ + 12x² + 10x² + 8x + 5x + 4 = 15x³ + 22x² + 13x + 4

4. Where can I find the best calculator to calculate a polynomial product?

You can get the best and free online calculator that helps to compute the polynomial multiplication on our page.