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Last Updated : Apr 14, 2023

Free Online Polynomial in descending order calculator gives step-by-step solution for given polynomial in descending order within seconds. Make use of this calculator tool and get the output along with a detailed explanation.



Use '^' for exponent

Arrange Polynomials in Descending Order:

What is Meant by Polynomial in Descending Order?

Descending order is basically when its terms are arranged in order from the largest degree to the smallest degree. Sometimes you actually find polynomials in descending order if not then follow the below steps and arrange them in descending order.

How to Arrange Polynomials in Descending Order?

To arrange the given polynomials in descending order, all have to follow the below simple steps:

  • First, we have to take the given polynomial expression and find the degrees of it.
  • Now, Arrange the terms from greatest degree to smallest degree.
  • That's it, the given polynomial is arranged in descending order.

For a better understanding of the concept, we have explained a polynomial in descending order example in a stepwise manner below, refer to that and practice well.


Write the polynomial in descending order: 5x-6x^4+3-7x^3?


Given polynomial expression is 5x-6x^4+3-7x^3

Now, arrange the terms in descending order of its exponents: 5x-6x^4+3-7x^3

Verify the degrees of the terms and order from big to small,



Hence, the simplified expression written in descending order is -6x^4-7x^3+5x+3.

FAQs on Polynomial in Descending Order Calculator

1. How do you rearrange polynomials?

Basically, polynomials can be rearranged in two ways ie., ascending or descending. Descending order is the commonly used order in polynomials. To rearrange the polynomials, find the degrees of the terms and order them from large to small or small to large.

2. How do you write a polynomial in descending order?

You can write a polynomial in descending order by arranging the largest degree terms at first and then to the smallest degree terms.

3. What is the standard form for a polynomial?

Polynomial in descending order is the standard form for a polynomial.

4. Arrange -2x^3-x^13+6+2x^12 Polynomial in descending order?

The given polynomial is -2x^3-x^13+6+2x^12

Now, check the degrees of each term and order the equation from large to small in descending order.

Hence, the descending order polynomial is -x^13+2x^12-2x^3+6.

5. Which website is best to calculate the descending order polynomial?

Factorpolynomials.com is the best website that deals with all mathematical calculators for the concept of polynomials. So, here you can easily find the efficient & handy polynomial in descending order calculator - online free.