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Last Updated : Apr 13, 2023

Polynomial equations refers to equations that are formed with variables, exponents, and coefficients. Avail the simple method to Determine 4x^2y^3-2x^4y+3x^3y^2-3+2xy is a Polynomial in the following sections.

Ex: x^5+x^5+1+x^5+x^3+x (or) x^5+3x^5+1+x^6+x^3+x (or) x^3+x^5+1+x^3+x^3+x

Use '^' symbol to represent Power Sign

Determine a Expression is Polynomial:

How to Determine 4x^2y^3-2x^4y+3x^3y^2-3+2xy is a Polynomial?

The given expression is 4x^2y^3-2x^4y+3x^3y^2-3+2xy

A polynomial is a set of terms separated by + or - signs. Polynomials cannot include the following:

* Variables with negative or fractional exponents.

* Variables in the denominator.

* Variables that fall under a radical.

* Special characteristics (trigonometric functions, absolute values, logarithms, etc.)

As per the above given conditions, 4x^2y^3-2x^4y+3x^3y^2-3+2xy is a polynomial.

Frequently Asked Questions on Is 4x^2y^3-2x^4y+3x^3y^2-3+2xy a Polynomial

1. Is 4x^2y^3-2x^4y+3x^3y^2-3+2xy a Polynomial?

Yes, the given expression 4x^2y^3-2x^4y+3x^3y^2-3+2xy is polynomial.

2. How do you determine 4x^2y^3-2x^4y+3x^3y^2-3+2xy is polynomial ?

A polynomial has variables followed by + or - sign and special characteristics.

3. Where can I find a step by step solution to determine the 4x^2y^3-2x^4y+3x^3y^2-3+2xy expression is polynomial?

Here, on this page, you will definitely find the step by step solution to determine the 4x^2y^3-2x^4y+3x^3y^2-3+2xy expression is polynomial.